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Dispatch Load Board offers comprehensive, but affordable truck dispatch software for trucking companies of any size. Our easy to use web based dispatch software gives you improved control of every step in the freight forwarding process. Naturally, this means you also have better control of your transportation business. Whether you want to post your loads on other truckers load boards on the internet, or prefer to run your load posting boards in-house, Dispatch Load Board is available at very competitive pricing.

This unique web based dispatch software is easy to customise to the individual needs of your business. Available as a number of modules designed to work seamlessly together, Dispatch Load Board is the perfect option for freight brokers, carriers, warehouse managers and even large companies that combine them all.

Offering our dispatch trucking software in customer focused modules makes Dispatch Load Board an easily affordable option for small trucking businesses. There is no need to pay for software features that you don't need. Simply choose the modules that fit your business, import your data and get started posting your loads!

How much will it cost me to use Dispatch Load Board Truck Dispatch Software?
When you choose our trucking dispatch software, you pay only for the features your business needs and every module that you add to your Dispatch Load Board installation comes with a significant discount. There are three dispatch software modules to choose from: DLB Trucking Brokerage Software; DLB Warehouse Management; and DLB Carrier Management. Each of these modules can be used as a stand-alone solution, or used in combination to control the different facets of a more complex business.

The first software module you choose is available to you at a monthly fee of $300. This monthly cost includes access for up to 10 individual users, so there is no need for shared access. Each additional Dispatch Load Board module costs only $150 as an add-on to your primary installation and should you require access for more than 10 users, you may purchase additional user licences at a cost of only $25 per person.

The Table below shows indicative monthly cost according to the module configuration you choose for your business.

ConfigurationMonthly CostCost per Additional User
1 Module (10 users)$300$25
2 Modules (10 users)$450$25
3 Modules (10 users)$600$25

If you have further questions about this affordable, easy to use web based dispatch software, please contact a Dispatch Load Board software sales representative at sales@dispatchloadboard.com.

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