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Dispatch Load Board Software Features - What You Can Expect

The Dispatch Load Board Software has been developed by two energetic business partners who between them have a long history
in both software development and the trucking and freight distribution industry - Each of them has brought their expertise and experience
to the table to develop the most comprehensive, affordable and easy to use software for trucking companies, freight brokerages and
warehouse management operations across the USA. When you add Dispatch Load Board to your company management tools, you will
have access to all of these features:

Secure Log In Page

Access Software From Anywhere

Multiple Administrative, Employee, and Agent Users

Customized Security Settings For Users

Manage Your Own Load Numbers And Reference Numbers

Update Your Load Confirmation Guidelines

Import Your Company Database

Back Up Software Data As Needed

Company Address Books For All/Single Users

Set Up Multiple Contacts

Organized Carrier Contact Lists

Carrier Insurance Expiration Notifications

Easy To Use Load Board

City/State Search Tool

Google Maps Tool

Automatic Currency Convertor

Load ID/Pro Number Search

Advanced Load History Search

Submit Carrier Quotes To A Load

Access The FMCSA Website For Carrier Reports

Work In Progress Board

Time Stamped And User Stamped Check Point Notes On Loads In Progress

Accounting Board

Revenue Reports

Access And Distribute Forms (i.e. Customer Confirmation, POD, etc.)

If you have questions about Dispatch Load Board or any of the features listed here, we would love to talk to you in person and arrange a full
live demonstration of the software. This will allow us to talk to you about the specifics of your own business operation.
Please call us on 216-731-8727 to speak with an experienced user now.

You can also contact a sales representative at sales@dispatchloadboard.com and we will be in touch as soon as possible to arrange your personalized
dispatch load board software